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Am I Eligible to Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan?

All Health Sciences Center students required by TTUHSC OP 77.03 (International students) and OP 77.19 (all students, except 100% distance learners) to maintain insurance coverage must be enrolled in the Plan, unless comparable coverage is submitted online at each semester. Required Students will be automatically enrolled by the University and the premium will be charged to their account. Upon receiving an approved waiver, the premium will be removed.

Online Enrollment Periods

Fall 21-22 - 06/15/2021 - 10/04/2021

Online Enrollment

Students are automatically enrolled by the University and the premium will be charged to their account.  Students can add Dependents to their Student health insurance plan below.

Click the button below to Add Dependents to your Medical Insurance Plan by selecting the Enroll button under the appropriate Program.  Premium is paid directly to AHP.

Continuation Insurance

Continuation of Coverage is only available to Insured Students and covered Dependents who have graduated or are no longer eligible for coverage under the TTUHSC Student Health Insurance Plan. Covered students must have been insured for at least three (3) continuous months before coverage terminated under the Prior and/or Current Plan.

Click Here to Enroll in Continuation Insurance

Continuation Cost Sheet

Students with a Qualifying Life Event

Am I Eligible for a Qualifying Event?

Click the button below to Enroll in Medical Insurance if you meet the requirements of a Qualifying Event

Click Here to Enroll

Qualifying Event Cost Sheet